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Scottish Bike Show Part 2

Right peeps, what better way to banish those back-to-work/school blues than to have a wee skive and check out some more goodies from the Scottish Bike Show last weekend?

First off, the Magik Stem from MSC bikes. “What’s magic about a stem?” I hear you ask. Well, this stem doesn’t have any knee-unfriendly pinch bolts on the steerer. What it does have, and a classic why-didn’t-someone-think-of-that-before is an internal wedge (red) that clamps the steerer tube when you tighten up the handlebar clamp. Genius!

The Magik Stem from MSC bikes

One of the nicest piece of eye candy wasn’t actually a bike frame or bike part, it was this sweet bike-specific toolbox. Made by Super B (unknown to me before the show) this array of tools looked really well made and their wheel truing was particularly nice. Now, how to convince the wife that this  tool-set is one of life’s essentials!

The Super B toolbox

If, however, your other half needs convincing that your bike is truly a work of art (and therefore worthy of investment!) what better way than to hang it on the wall? These funky bike hangers do exactly that. Made by Cycloc these brilliantly simple storage products are available in four stylish colours (green, red, white and black) and has a locking facility to keep your “art-work” safe.

The rather nifty Cycloc bike hanger

Next to Cycloc on the Upgrade distribution stand was Green Oil. These are a range of highly effective, yet environmentally-friendly, lube and cleaning products for your bike. Green Oil make the point that most products on the market contain harmful and sometimes toxic chemicals that doesn’t mix well with the environment. Think about that the next time you wash your bike in the stream at Glencoe!

The oil that's good for the environment...

Also distributed by Upgrade was the line of shocks and forks from X-fusion. Their profile recently has been upped with legends such as Brian Lopes now rocking X-fusion products. As well as forks and shocks, they also do a seat-dropper post called the Hilo (great name!). With a full 125mm (5″) of drop
they look on to a winner, especially as they retail at £199, a full hundred notes cheaper than some of the more well known brands. Also the fact that do it in a common 27.2mm size unlike most others will make it a serious contender. No sign of an X-fusion dual-crown DH fork yet, although it’s surely a natural progression.

X-fusion's new forks

The new Hilo seat dropper which just comes in the size I need, cool

Lastly, time for something completely different! If you’re tired of the same old moto gear, how about this for a change? If you like what you see, give Jensen Cycling Jerseys a call.


Over and out,
Ian “Double-D” McIntosh.

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