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The “Scottish Scene” Part 5

Episode 5 is the final instalment of Scottish Scene featuring the 5th round of the SDA series held at Innerleithen. The rain and sloppy mud resembles a round of the winter series rather than a race in September, but thats Scottish racing for you! Before heading to Inners we first check out the skills of Scott Laughland and Chris Hutchens. With both of them studying full time in Edinburgh it was a struggle to arrange a date when we were all free to film (and here was me thinking the student life was one big party!). Despite all of their studying and exams throughout 2011 they both put in some solid results at the races and can’t wait for the 2012 season to get underway.

Scottish Scene Episode 5 (Scott Laughland And Chris Hutchens/Innerleithen SDA) from Stuz Leel on Vimeo.

Check out the interview below for a catch up with Scotty –

Where do you live and whats the riding scene like?

Edinburgh, riding scenes good, within an hours drive I have access to lots of DH trails. Straight out the front door I can put a 3 hour training ride round the Pentland hills.

When did you first start riding and how did it all come about?

My dad rode trials motorcycles, when I was 4 I had a Yamaha PW50, I started competing in trials and by chance saw an article in the Scotsman about the 2002 World Cup in Fort William, we went up and watched and 2 years later I had a Diamondback and it just kept developing from there… 2005 was my first race season!

Scotty in 2005 at Fort William, his first season racing

Who do you ride with?

Anyone and everyone… But to name some regulars: Allan Findlay, Ben Arnott, Lewis Kirkwood and Paul Milne!

What was your favourite race of 2011?

World Champs in Champery, the rain made the course so challenging and the crowd were awesome.

2006 at Dunkeld and now Scotty is a Junior riding for Rock and Road

Where is your favourite place to ride in Scotland?

Glencoe Mountain Resort, such a challenging and physically demanding track.

Who are your favourite riders?

Aaron Gwin, Ryan Dungey and Eli Tomac. Inspirational riders and true athletes.

Railing one of the many fast berms at Inners in 2010 and now an Elite

What is your favourite bike video/DVD?

Tipping point, Moto 3 and The Great Outdoors.

What makes you happy?

Winning, big jumps, fast tracks, new bikes and most importantly chilling with my friends/family.

What makes you angry?

Poor race runs, flat tracks, mechanicals and negative attitudes.

A guilty pleasure of yours is…

The occasional night out in Edinburgh!

Scotty is now firmly on the big stage riding WC races, here he is at Fort William 2010

What is your favourite food?

Anything Japanese or Mexican goes!

What does the future hold for Scott Laughland?

More racing and winning… I’m in my 4th year at Heriot Watt studying Mechanical Engineering, so hopefully I’ll have a degree soon! As for the future who knows, I take one day at a day and live life to it’s fullest!

Any thanks or shout outs?

Mum and Dad for their continued support.

Check out this ’10 Top 5’s’ list with Chris –

Trails/places to ride –

1.Back home in Oban with the Baeys

2.Mont St Anne WC Course

3.Innerliethen Enduro Loop

4.Malaga Trails

5 Fort William

Chris back in 2006 riding for The Hub on a Kona

Races –

1.Junior World Champs Fort Bill

2.South Africa World Cup

3.Strathpuffer 24

4.Champery World Cup

Riders –

1. Peaty

2. Minnar

3. Gwinny

4. Danny Macaskill

5. Danny Hart

Chris roosting the dust up at Ae

Music bands/artists –

1. Chase and Status

2. The Cat Empire

3. Eric Clapton

4. Empire of the Sun

5. Metric

Films –

1. A girl with a dragon tattoo (the original)

2. 300

3. Going Native

5. Casino Royale

2009 at Innerleithen Chris riding the Orange proto Strange

Edinburgh nightclubs/party venues –

1. Cav Vol

2. The Caves

3. Tiger Lily

4. Dragon Fly

5. Rush

Things you say too often –

1. I should start working soon.

2. Yeahhh Budddddy!

Good times –

1. Getting measured up for a white tux in Bangkok!

2. Road tripping around Portugal.

3. Surviving the mountain meal on the uni ski trip to VT last winter. Never been so happy to get to the bottom of a green run. 2 bottles of cheap French red wine and skis should not go together.

4. When you get a new toothbrush and have new bed sheets!

5. Heading back home for some home cooking!

Can't forget that Chris is a talented rider and rode for the British Team at Fort William 2010

Things to do instead of Studying –

1. Sherlock homes on the BBC!

2. Trying to find a graduate job

3. Cooking mega meals.

4. Gym and pumping the roids

5. Eating

Scottish words –

1. Baws

2. Neebs

3. Noob

4. Neebour

5. Ken

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