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Nukeproof Critical Armour – Knee/Elbow

If your in the market for some new protection for those bits on the body that stick out a bit you might want to have a look at these bad boys.  The guys at Hotlines kindly sent over these for a good old beating/testing on the Tweed-valley hillsides.

First impressions are they feel good and tuff and like they'll take a good hit or 2. Plenty padding around the knee and a good hard shell up front to protect that knee cap. The elbow pad on the right pretty much looks like a smaller version of the knee pad also with loads of padding on the sides without making it big and bulky

Side view of the knee pad showing the vented side padding and that distinctive Nukeproof logo on the hard knee pad

The truth be known I don’t usually wear elbow pads but recently with all the more extreme enduro type tracks that are appearing on the hills around the Innerleithen area it’s time I started wearing them, I’ve took a few knocks over the last few months that I’ve got off lucky and well I need my arms to work properly so I can earn money 🙂  Look out for an update on how these pads have taken a beating over the next few months.

Price for the Critical knee pad are – £44.99
Price for the elbow pads come in at – £39.99

Be sure to check out the good people at Hotlines for any of your biking requirements.

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