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The “Scottish Scene” Part 4

Episode 4 of Scottish Scene takes us to the third round of the SDA series held at Dunkeld. Despite a fairly low turn out the racing is as still as close as ever and the weather actually stayed dry over both race runs, a very rare occasion for a race in Scotland! But first we take a trip to Innerleithen to spend an afternoon with Chris Reynolds at his favourite trails. Chris rode for the MTB-Essentials team in 2011 however is currently looking for sponsors at present. Hopefully this will change soon as after only racing for a few years, Chris will definitely be a rider to look out for in the near future. Find out more about Chris in the interview below-

Scottish Scene Episode 4 (Chris Reynolds/Dunkeld SDA) from Stuz Leel on Vimeo.

Where do you live and whats the riding scene like?

I live in Penicuik and if I’m honest, the riding scene isn’t the worst. We have a skate park which is average, we have the Pentland hills which are good for some cross country and over the years we have built up to 50 different downhill trails in a set of woods nearby.
When did you first start riding and how did it all come about?

I think it was 2008 when a big group of friends all started to get hardtails and go up Glentress. Then we all progressed to getting downhill bikes and all started racing in 09. Unfortunately everyone started to quit out and in the end I was the only one out of us to still ride.

Chris back in 2009 at Fort William in his first year racing as youth

Who do you ride with?

I usually ride with a friend who lives down the road from me, or just a group of friends I met at one of Uplift Scotland’s Innerleithen uplifts.

What was your favourite race of 2011?

Has to be Borderline Events Kill the Bill 2, who doesn’t love to ride Fort Bill in the dusty sun with no wind. You’ve not got much chances of that happening again.

Another shot of Chris from Fort William but a year later in Juniors

Where is your favourite place to ride in Scotland?

Fort William on those weekends you go up camping with your mates. That’s probably the most fun I can have on a downhill bike.

Who are your favourite riders?

Brendan Fairclough because he has the best style and is still mega quick. Danny Hart because of his insanity on world cup race runs, and finally Steve Peat because he was my idol when I first started to ride.

Chris getting a bit loose at Ae Forest aboard the Mondraker

What is your favourite bike video/DVD?

Favourite is definitely Clay Porters ‘The Tipping Point’ I haven’t seen ‘3 Minute gaps’ yet so may change.

What makes you happy?

Putting a solid race run in, Sending some big jumps, and riding with mates.

Chris hucking down into the arena at Innerleithen

What makes you angry?

Crashing, hitting a section bad more than once, prices of bikes.

A guilty pleasure of yours is…

Eating a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream while playing Call of Duty mw3 too much.

The photo doesn't show just how fast Chris is through this tight rooty drop

What is your favourite food?

Mac and Cheese.

What does the future hold for Chris Reynolds?

Unfortunately I haven’t got a downhill bike anymore and it’s really just too expensive to buy a new one, so at the moment I don’t know what the future holds, hopefully I can win the lottery, but there really isn’t much chance of that.

Chris enjoying the blue skies and dusty tracks at Ae Forest

Any thanks or shout outs?

First of all to my Dad for taking me to races and funding racing, secondly to Jamie at mtbessentials for my support in 2011, thirdly to Steve at Icycles for his help he has given me over the years and finally all my friends for making riding bikes as good as it is.

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