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WIth an international career spanning 12 years, Tracy Moseley has been there done that and has the trophy cabinet to prove it! 2012 marks a new chapter in her career as she begins the quest to become the best all round female mountain biker, adding XC, Enduro and Sprint Eliminator races to her busy schedule.

Just after the Xmas break we were able to grab a few words with Tracy to find out some more about her plans and what the coming season has in store for her, so sit back and enjoy!

Name: Tracy Moseley
DOB: 12/04/79
Sponsors: Trek, Bontrager, WildWolf, Endura, Oakley, Trixter, Osprey, Deity, Shimano, Fox, RRP, SOLE, Alpinestars, CycleOps, LessBounce

JC: With the festive season just behind us, it would be interesting to hear how an international athlete spends the period that for most involves more armchair time, turkey, chocolate and alcohol than is healthy. Is this a time for rest, recovery and relaxation, or simply a minor deviation from the plan?

TM: Well it would normally be a pretty similar week to normal, with the all important Xmas day ride, always feels great to get out and do a big ride before eating a big turkey dinner! This year was a bit different as I had to have an operation on my shoulder just before Christmas on an old injury, so I was pretty restricted to what I could do, so this year I did loads of walking! Walked up Whernside one of the 3 peaks in the Yorkshire Dales on Xmas day, so still staying active and trying not to over indulge, otherwise you will just have more work to do in the New Year!

Fort William 2010

JC: 2011 marked your 20th year since your first bike race, and your 12th year on the international circuit, which has seen you win pretty much every title available, including the World Cup downhill series and the rainbow stripes.

Rather than resting on your laurels and continuing to compete at the top of your game, you have chosen to make some major changes for 2012, supplementing downhill with cross country and enduro racing.

Could you tell us why you have decided to make the change?

TM: After such a long time with just one focus I really felt that I needed a change and some new goals. I have spent the last 12 years living the same life, competing against the same people and racing down many of the same hillsides and having now achieved all that I set out to do, I really felt the need for some new challenges and new focus for my riding. I will always love the speed and adrenaline of downhill racing, but you spend so little time actually riding your bike over the weekend! I have really enjoyed challenging my fitness over the last few years and with growth of Enduro it really fits to where I am at and where I want to go with my cycling career.

Tracy enjoying the changable weather at the Glencoe BDS race that was cancelled

JC: What does this mean for your downhill racing career, will you still compete for the overall world cup series title, or will you cherry pick a selection of events?

TM: I will still compete in some downhill World Cups but not the entire series, so I won’t be going for the overall title.

JC: Could you go into a bit more depth about your racing schedule for the new season?

TM: I am going to be spending the first part of the season competing in selected World Cup XC races with my focus being on the Pro Sprint Eliminator races, with my goal to make the Worlds team for Pro Sprint in September. I will also take part in the first 3 UK Gravity Enduro races. From June onwards my focus will shift more to Enduro with some DH races as well. I’ll be at Fort William DH world cup, could not miss that one, trying to make it win #6 at Fort Bill!

Tracy popping out under the famous archway at Fort William

JC: The demands on an athletes body for cross country racing are quite different to those of a top level downhiller, how have you altered your training to suit this and are you doing anything unusual?

TM: Yeah there is definitely a lot more time on the bike for XC training, but over the last 2 seasons I had reduced my gym time and really increased my time spent on the bike, training on the road and cross country and that really helped my fitness. I will be doing a similar thing this year but working a bit harder trying to increase my sprint power for the Pro Sprint Eliminator events. All the training I do for XC will only help my fitness for Enduro and DH, so I don’t think I will be compromising my performance in DH at all.

JC: With arguably all of the titles a modem day international downhill could want under your belt, what are your goals for the new season and beyond?

TM: My goals are to enjoy the year and try and reach some new goals across all the disciplines I compete in. I would like to get selected for the World Championships in both DH and Pro Sprint and establish myself as one of the top female Enduro racers. Alongside my racing over the next few years, I am also hoping to get more involved in coaching and would love to help get more women out on bikes and competing in Mountain bike races

Tracy dropping over the new road gap crossing at Fort William

JC: You are continuing your association with Trek, are you able to tell us what bikes you will be racing and training on and how these will differ from those available to the public?

TM: I will be using the Session 9.9 for DH racing, Slash and Remedy for my Enduro racing, Lush for my fun trail riding and a Superfly 100 for XC racing and 9 series Hardtail for Pro Sprint racing. They will all be the same bikes available to the public, but just with some different components to coincide my sponsors for 2012.

JC: Will your relationship with Trek go beyond that of just a rider, do you have any plans to get involved in product development?

TM: Yeah one of the main reasons I wanted to stay with Trek was not only because I was really happy with the bikes, but I also really liked the way the company operates and the people involved. I would love to get more involved in development and also in helping develop the women’s specific products and equipment. I hope our relationship will be a long and successful one.

Tracy on her qualifying run at the 2011 Fort William world cup round

JC: Thank you for taking some time out from your busy schedule for this interview, on behalf of everyone at Descent-World I would like to wish you all the best on your new adventure, do you have any last words?

TM: I would just like to say a big thanks to everyone that has supported me and to all of my sponsors that have made the last 15 years possible and thanks to all of those who are supporting me in my new venture:

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By James Cornford

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