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The “Scottish Scene” Part 3

Episode 3 is a slightly different approach to your average bike video to take a look into a day in the life of Oban’s original ganster/part time comedian – Ben Cathro. After spending a morning “preparing” for the day ahead, we see Ben riding his local trails in Oban followed by a catch up to find out why he won’t be competing in the world cup series for 2012.

Ben had a great season last year, his most impressive result being a 10th place finish at La Bresse world cup (the highest placed Scottish rider at a world cup last year!) Ben may be giving the world cup series a miss this year, however he will still be competing in the BDS and SDA series and will be riding more than ever thanks to his new company, Sick Skills. Here’s 10 Top 5’s with Ben Cathro –

Back in 2003 Ben was hucking his Santa Cruz V10 around in some style

Trails/Places to ride-

1. Morzine

2. Maribor

3. New Zealand

4. My local trails

5. Innerleithen 10 years ago

Ben "Giraffe" Cathro has never really stopped growing, in 2005 if he stood on top of the podium he was out of the photo frame and in 2008 he was now known as "high tower"


1. Any world cup at Fort William

2. La Bresse world cup 2011

3. IXS cup Innerleithen 2010

4. NPS Innerleithen 2008

5. IXS Sprint Cup Oz en Oisans 2008

Ben with an early version of a helmet mount - good old duck tape and I really hope that's why he's not got a helmet peak on...


1. Arron Gwin

2. Steve Pete

3. Sam Hill

4. Greg Minnaar

5. Danny Mackaskill

The big man from Oban also had a spell with the French Saab Lappierre Team

Music Bands/Artists-

1. Ugly Duckling

2. Deadmau5

3. DJ Fresh – Gold Dust

4. Teddybears STHLM

5. Beardyman

Ben might be a big guy but he can bend that body to get through the tight trees at Inners


1. Independence Day

2. Wolverine

3. Juno

4. Matrix


Fort William BDS 2010 on a rare sunny day riding the proto type Orange

Vodka mixers-

1. The Classic – Vodka on the rocks

2. In a rush – Vodka off the rocks

3. For the girls – Vodka with a twist of lime

4. Mix it up – Blavod (Black vodka)

5. Shitfaced – Vodka with a vodka chaser

* I hate vodka

Ben railing the dry dusty berms at the Innerleithen SDA 2010, a rare sight indeed, the dust that is

Wastes of time-

1. Facebook

2. PS3

3. Girlfriend (I better class that as a distraction rather than a waste of time)

4. Playing with my new macbook

5. Stumble

Practice shot at the Fort William WC and a bit of blatent advertising for Smidge (didn't work for me)

Good times-

1. Nailing an impossible line

2. Eating anything when you are absolutely starving

3. Sleep

4. Winning

5. Everything in the “wastes of time list”

Ben on a practice run at Fort William, never shy in giving us togs a decent shot.

MX vs. ATV courses-

1. Sandwick

2. Grandview

3. Yukiyama

4. Onsenki

5. Stewart Short Track

Seeding run went well for Ben this year at Fort William, but sadly the race run was blighted with a mechanical 🙁

Scottish words-

1. Aye

2. Laters

3. Yoo

4. Bawbag

5. Ken

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