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R.I.P. The Hub

Sadly on the 27th November 2011 the legendary Hub Cafe at Glentress shut it’s doors for the last time. The bike shop and hire center closed it’s doors a few weeks before hand which really brought it home to me that this was actually happening – sad times indeed, seems only yesterday when all the tendering debacle hit the headlines.  After 10 years of trading Emma and Tracy put Glentress on the map with their friendly down to earth no nonsense service which was second to none, yeah Emma and Tracy lost out on the tender for the new sterile faceless Peel center that was built, and no doubt it’ll be the place where people will go for a bite to eat and a drink. New unknown people running a cafe that haven’t even cycled down the shops rather than round the red and down spooky woods, does that matter? Not sure it does but one thing for sure the food won’t be the same quality or the coffee for that matter. I’ve no reason to use the bike shop but that’s not a bitch at the new Alpine Bike shop just that I’ve always worked on my own bike and no need for them.

Summer time BBQ after the airbag dual slalom night, good times

I was up on the last day for a ride and the usual pit stop for coffee and cake, bit different today as there was a cue out the door all day which was awesome to see. The support and love for The Hub cafe people have is earned by the service you give to the people and that service is no longer there which is really sad. I caught up with Emma and Tracy who wanted to say a few words, so I’ll stop waffling and leave the last words to them.


“Looking back at the last 10 years of The Hub, Tracy and I are proud of what we have achieved and feel privileged to have met so many cool and friendly folk. The Hub has literally been our life for the last decade and we can’t but look back and smile at all the good times and laughs we’ve had.
We had a vision and a passion for mountain biking and the Tweed Valley when we first started out all those years ago and we were confident about what the Valley could become but what has surprised us is the good friends we have made and the support from so many people for us.
Its not always been easy and we’ve had to work really hard to convince some people of what could be possible, and sometimes we’ve had to fight to what at times has felt like standing still, but the warmth and support has always shone through and now we have closed its the good times and the good people that stick out.
We are looking forward to a bit of time off and chilling out, riding our bikes, and catching up with new and old friends and our families. After that we’ll see what happens- and as long as our wingman Teeny comes back from Whistler then I’m sure you’ll see us somewhere else”.


Emma and Tracy

Here’s a few snaps of the last few months..

You won't be getting this kind of service or quality Cake and Coffee anymore

The workforce the that made it work, they didn't always look like this though 🙂

This was the the BBQ after the last ride out before the bike shop closed, can't see this service being offered in the future

The bike shop as we all know it, and who could forget The Hub Bus a legend in it's own right

Emma showing some skills up in the jump park

Tracy railing one of the berms down the bottom of the red

The Hub most certainly did rock......

10 comments on “R.I.P. The Hub

  1. This is such a shame, sounds like another faceless company with big money and friends in high places (et al Rocky Road) has forced out passionate people. Another small nail in the coffin, though ive never been i always knew of the work Emma and Tracy did in Glentress which put it on my list of riding places to visit. I wont be going to the new place out of principal. RIP The Hub.

  2. The Hub was a good cafe with a good atmosphere and will be missed by some. I do think your comments about the quality of the food and coffee could be wrong though. The new cafe is run by local folk who will be serving local food when possible. Their prices are similar to the hub and the cafe is nice and the staff friendly. I don’t know if they’ve even went belting down spooky, but to be honest, that’s not a skill that someone cooking my fry up or baking my cakes need. I’ll be giving the new cafe a chance.

  3. methinks yodagoat may well be one of the new cafe owners. It was hardly original was it yoda? Your false empathy is glaringly apparent. Just have the balls to be yourself (like tracy and emma always did ;))

  4. See, I can empathise with the passing of the hub – it has been a great wee place with great service, food and people etc but the cynical snubbing of the new place is really tiresome already. I’m gonna miss the Hub big time, but now it’s gone let’s get on and help the new place be a decent and worthy replacement.

    “can’t see this service being offered in the future” – not if you keep that attitude up.

  5. I certainly don’t see it as bitter ramblings.
    Maybe the comments will be wrong, hopefully so and maybe the service, quality and atmosphere will be just as good at Peel.
    It is however a sad end and a turn away from grass roots to big business which on the whole I don’t see many people being pleased about.
    The independant, local and above all freindly vibe of the hub stuck with me from the first time I went.
    I’ve shared many happy times there from taking my mrs riding for the 1st time via the hub, taking my daughter riding for the 1st time via the hub, getting breakfast with mates after a heavy night in Inners carpark to making detours in journeys to stop at the cafe for a cake and a freindly chat which I knew I wasn’t going to get in Costa etc.
    Anywhere run by likeminded people invites you in and the peel doesn’t have the same feel.
    Maybe the guys in there are good riders and hopefully good bakers but its yet to build the same atmosphere. I hope they do get there but will always miss the hub and savour memories it helped create or was a part of.
    On the same note these girls created a business model for the peel, they proved it was needed/ wanted and could work. Yeah its business and maybe they couldn’t compete anymore but its a damn shame they’ve laid the foundations and then some for a bigger company to swing in and profit from.
    Thats not bitterness its emapthy for the girls and fondness of what they made…..

    Many memories and good times have been shared in the hub and that will stay in many peoples minds- quite rightly so.

  6. I always found the hub to be a bit of a rip off for both food and components, over rated in my humble opinion.

    I do agree though that the new building is a bit like an out of town shopping centre in its feel/atmosphere but the staff in the shop were helpful and friendly plus the prices were reasonable.

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