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Eurobike Day 1, Friedrichshafen, Germany

Wow, where to start! Eurobike is huge, and is a full-on assault of the senses. Everywhere you look there is something that is newer, better, stronger, lighter. Sometimes there is no much to look at you almost miss the wood for the trees. But here goes;

First off Endura (and the reason that I am currently drunk in a Mexican Restaurant!) They were celebrating their 18th birthday and had shipped out a load of Deuchars beer and a Saltire shaped Birthday Cake.

Endura were showing some interesting gravity-orientated products. As well as their selection of knee pads they were showing some new DH shorts . These are an evolution of the DH short that they made for Hope a few years back. Anyone who has seen the film TT3D knows that they must be comfy as TT legend and DHer Guy Martin basically lives in his for the entire film. Sorry for the shaky shot- I had had a few Deuchars by then!

Talking of Hope, the CNC machines have been hard at work with them showing some new and refined stuff. First off the new Tech “Evo” lever- the lever pivot have been changed to provide a 15% increase in power. To put this in perspective a change from a 160mm to 180mm disc only changes the power by 13%. Obviously this comes at the expense of some modulation, but apparently riders have been requesting more power.

Also new from the Hope stable is a cool 6 speed DH cassette and sweet thin pedals. Look out for them in the shops next Spring.

Talking of pedals, Tioga were showing off their ultra-thin flat pedal with outside bearing, however, they emphasised that this is NOT for DH use, although they are working on one that is – should be interesting!

If you’re more of a clipped-in guy, check out these nice, non “disco-slipper” shoes from O’neal. They have a massive cut-out below for good mud-shredding and pedal placement. Should be good for the UK.

O’neal were also showing a rather neat protective under-jersey. It features the same polymer dough-type padding as other manufacturers albeit with a different trade-name but at a fraction of the price. Looks good for race-day/Enduro-type events where you don’t want a full-on DH suit.

There was much more from O’neal worth mentioning, but I’ll save that for tomorrow, gotta go now and sample the local liquid refreshments!
Over and Out,

Ian “Big Mac” McIntosh

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