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Nuke Proof Products Part 2

First up here on the final test is the Nuke Proof Neutron Alloy-Ti pedal, these I have to say are my choice of pedal as before they arrived I was using the older Proton version which doesn’t have the Ti axle. I can’t praise these highly enough as they do what it say’s on the box – Smooth spinning and rock solid under foot.  I can also say the pedals have taken a few hard hits on the Innerleithen/Glentress rocks and are still spinning smoothly, ok a bent pin or 2 but you can’t fault the strong axle. Below is the tech info

Smooth-spinning, super grippy and rock-solid underfoot, the Nukeproof Neutron series of pedals have been extensively engineered to offer the optimum balance of light weight and reliable performance no matter what the conditions.

This is after a good few rides, they've now got a few more dings in them but still spin smooth

Custom CNC-machined for optimum strength and fatigue resistance with minimum weight penalty, each pedal body spins on high quality DU bushings with two sealed cartridge bearings per pedal to help spread the stress loads from heavy impacts. Meanwhile a lip seal between the axle end and pedal body helps to reduce ingress of water and dirt prolonging pedal life between services.
The low-profile parallelogram design offers maximum ground clearance and features a deep concave which allows the foot to “sit in” the pedal which improves grip and comfort. There are a total of 10 replaceable and adjustable pins per side to allow you to customize the level of grip to meet your own requirements.

Sure footed grip with the pedals and I have to say still loving the warhead bars

Featuring fresh new laser-etched graphics and a choice of Black Anodized or Raw lacquered finishes, Nukeproof Neutron pedals are available various configurations to meet your requirements:
Alu/Ti (new): Forged 6061-T6 alloy pedal body and titanium axle for lighter weight without compromising strength (374g per pair)


• Low-profile parallelogram design
• 10 replaceable and adjustable pins per side
• CNC machined for improved strength-to-weight ratio
• 2 x high quality DU bushings & 4 x sealed cartridge bearings
• Laser-etched graphics
• Body: Forged 6061-T6 alloy
• Axle: Titanium
• Weight (per pair): Alu/Ti 374g

Price – £124.99

I did have the Nuke Proof Plasma Saddle with CrN Ti rail and embossed logo to show you but this has been discontinued to be replaced asap with a new one, hopefully we can get our hands on that one for a test. I can say I didn’t have any problems with it and still using it as the saddle of choice – aimed at DH but I’m using it as my do it all saddle.

This perticular model has been discontinued but there's a replacement due soon which I hope to get my butt on 🙂

Last up is the Nukeproof Science pads which have been tested over the last year by many riders, blind tested against other pads, and found to outperform everything else on the market. These are the best brake pads we’ve ever used.
Made in Japan, all feature a semi-metallic compound, tailored for different riding conditions. Trail pads are high quality pad for any rider, whatever the conditions throw at you. Enduro offer higher performance for riders that like to use their brakes hard and need more durability. DH pads are for high speed racers scrubbing off speed on a run needing power, consistence and control.

Available for a large range of brakes

All pads feature steel backplates for heat dissipation.

Pad Compounds:
TRAIL pads –
• Good initial bite
• Very short bed-in time
• Low noise

Price – £12.99

ENDURO pads –
• Strong initial bite
• Fade resistant
• Low noise


DH pads –
• High heat resistance
• Superior performance in wet and dry conditions
• Strong and consistent braking over wide range of speeds


Big thanks to Hotlines for supplying the parts for testing,


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  1. arent these just the same as the TI axled superstar nano tech pedal which can be had for about £79, which itself is just rebadged version of several other makes of pedal.

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