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Custom Race Shirts by RSD Sports

With the season well and truly upon us, it’s been really noticeable how “blinged” up everybody seems to be this year with all the latest threads from the likes of TLD, Fox etc. but how do you stand out from the crowd these days? When everyone is wearing similar kit?

Well first off custom jerseys are the way to go…however with some manufacturers asking silly money and their policy of 18 shirts minimum orders putting the individual off going for that custom look.

This is were RSD Sports come in, with a 5 shirt minimum order and reasonable prices this puts that custom jersey easily in reach of the average rider. 5 Shirts gives you enough no doubt for the whole season as well as a weekends worth of clean kit for practice and each race run. And all for sometimes less than some standard off the peg shirts…

All it takes is some imagination, a bit of design work in Illustrator and in a few weeks turnaround your vision become reality…

And vented…

So are you convinced?

Well the quality of the above shirts is excellent, having the freedom to design your own shirt is, well refreshing and with what RSD charges, it isn’t too out of reach of the average racer. The print quality is some of the best I’ve seen in my time.

If you want more details speak with Karl on 07866 552578 or see

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