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Supercross BMX – Thumper Downhill Bike

Supercross BMX are a name associated with some quality work for years now. If you looking for a super light weight BMX racer they are usually the first name to be uttered from the lips of those who are in the know.

This however is of the downhill elk, it big, burly and fully suspended…the lastest Thumper DH frame in fully built mode. Details about the newest frame are a bit sketchy but we like the look…and well we love the crossover. Keep up the good work guys.

Expect to see this all over the Sea Otter!!

3 comments on “Supercross BMX – Thumper Downhill Bike

  1. I rarely claim something looks similar but on the pictures on their site the whole rear end is almost identical to the legend, the linkage is very close , same for the shock area. Its like they have seen a legend photo and decided to redraw it. WTF?

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