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Review – Nuke Proof Warhead Bars

The Nukeproof brand over the years has been associated with tough, high-performance components, this year has seen the introduction of new frames and improved components built on that reputation.
For 2011 the Nukeproof Warhead Bar has seen a few changes, the most obvious was the super wide 800mm. In recent years the demand for wider bars in the downhill scene has grown and to be honest I’m one of those people who just has to have them on the bike. Wide bars for my local tight and twisty DH trails doesn’t really fase me much as all it takes is a little tweak of the bars if things get a bit too tight. I’d been running 680mm on the Orange 5 up till these bad boys arrived and as soon as they were on they just felt right.

Nuke Proof Warhead 800mm Bars

First impressions of the Warhead Bars felt very comfortable. The extra leverage gained from the 800mm bars was very noticeable, maybe more so to me as I’ve got long arms and I found myself attacking sections with a lot more confidence.

The quality of the bars are excellent and feature the now usual laser-etched graphics with incremental markings for cutting down the bars to your preferred width. The Warhead bars have a 31.8mm diameter clamping area for stiffness and strength and come in at a reasonable lightweight of 313grams.

Nice laser-etched graphics

Available in three finishes, Black Anodized, Silver Anodized or Nukeproof Yellow all at bargain price of £49.99.

Now along with the bars came a pair of very nice pair of Nuke Proof Element Skinny Lock On Grips. The Nuke Proof Element grip combines a soft compound rubber grip with lock-on collars for maximum control in all weather conditions. The knurled pattern provides superior grip with additional cushioning being provided by the raised logo.

Nice raised rubber graphic

The added security of the lock-on collars will ensure that even in the worst conditions your grips never come unstuck. These are available in the black that I have, white and yellow, and at a bargain £14.99 a pair well worth a look.
All Nuke Proof kit is distributed by Hotlines UK. To see the full range of parts and frames you can see them all at and also buy them here at Chainreaction.

A shot from Caddon Bank testing the new bars

Also coming up in part 2 of this test I have a very nice pair of Ali/Ti pedals to tell you about along with a Ti rail Plasma seat and some DH brake pads.

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