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Day 3 O’Neal/Reverse Sneak Peek

Day 3 – Are you Sitting Comfortably?

So our last day of products from Fli Distribution brings us some Solid kit from Reverse in the shape of the Reverse Comp SeatPost, Fort Will Saddle and a nice pair of O’Neal Shorts.

O’Neal Generator Shorts.

O'Neal Generator Shorts

Seems importers and distributors do have a sense of humour, Fli sent these in a hilariously comedy 30” Waist size, short of Jon_e (no pun intended) I know nobody who could squeeze in to a 30 waist here on the DW team (I’ll get shot for that one folks) so I had to settle for looking longingly and hoping a 34 might make their way for an extended test in time for next spring.
Just as Henry Ford said you can have these in any colour as long as it’s Black, Grey and shades thereof, not a bad thing at all. The Generators go quietly about their business not shouting like some others. In 2011 understated is good.

O'Neal Generator Shorts

The padding on the shorts is quite light so for me these would best be used on warm days or shorter rides, Construction looks spot on and there are 3 handy pockets for keeping car keys and other bits and bobs, each is zipped and the bottom one is zipped and secured by a Velcro flap, always a nice touch. I can’t say much more as I didn’t get to try them so I’ll leave you with the photos for now.

The O’Neal Generator Shorts retail at £54.99

Reverse Comp SeatPost and Fort Will Saddle
So when these popped out of the bag I thought OK, looks like Reverse are focusing on the top end of the market, then I saw the prices.
The seat post does what it says on the tin, 350mm length with a usable length of 250mm to the max insert line for the princely sum of £19.99, what more could you ask for?

Reverse Comp SeatPost with the Fort Will saddle

I didn’t have the opportunity to get it on the DW Scales however it certainly didn’t feel any heavier than the 317 grams Reverse claim for the 27.2 diameter (only size available at present) which is acceptable and not one I would worry about snapping during a race run where it counts.
The Comp features a double head clamp secured by two 4mm Allen Key bolts, which allowed the clamps to get a vice like grip on the seat rails without the need to swing on them with a huge extension bar unlike some others I’ve come across. I also liked the additional adjustability on the post allowing the seat angle to be moved significantly.
Fli can also sort out other colours than the chrome / silver finish as shown here.
So to our last Item on test, last but definitely not least.

Reverse Fort Will Saddle

The Fort Will Saddle looks like pretty neat, our test subject was the Ti Railed version (Cromo is also available) which dropped the weight to a claimed 206 grams or chuff all in the grand scheme of a downhill racing bike. (remember a light bike does not make up for a lack in skill kids…)
Available in Black or White with “Fort Will” logos in reverse colours it does what it says on the tin. I particularly liked the big Reverse “R” embossed at the rear giving a bit of texture which helps in keeping you from sliding off the seat when you sit down. The rail was length marked as well meaning you can adjust your seat confidently knowing that the 2mm you adjusted it by will make all the difference!!
Overall the Fort Will was a reasonable length, not too short and nowhere near the sofas of yesteryear, the relatively narrow profile meant I could move around without getting snagged up but still push my knee into the nose to help on corners. The short rear made getting off the back and over the wheel a breeze when the going got steep. I used this for a couple of mid length runs and towards the end it had started to get a touch uncomfortable but on a DH bike that’s not an issue.
For £39.99 you can’t argue with either the price or the construction, if you are in the market for a new seat this is one worth checking out.

Big Thanks to Colin at Fli Distribution for providing the O’Neal and Reverse Kit.  Give them a call or drop by the website at 0161 304 0114 –

Craig Henry

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