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2011 O’Neal DH Sneak Peek

Our friend Colin from Fli Distribution (0161 304 0114 – gave us a call the other week to let us know that a bundle of fresh off the line gear from the O’Neal 2011 range was on its way.
So much kit in fact that we’ve decided to split the goodies over a couple of days…. So, Day 1 – “What’s that coming over the hill is it a Monster?”

Monster Energy/O'Neal Shirt and Pants

Yes it is and at top speed too, first up it’s the 2011 O’Neal Ricky Dietrich Monster Jersey & Pants combo
So when the big swag bag landed here in darkest Innerleithen, first out into the light was a great looking Pant and Top combo. Initial impressions – well they’re not subtle are they!  Black and Lime Green in keeping with the Monster Energy colour scheme as seen, well everywhere these days from Transits to Rally Cars and back again.
I love big logos, why hide what you’re showing off and both Jersey and Pants feature plenty of big Monster M logos dotted about, if you want to be discrete on the trails or track these are not for you.

Back veiw with funky latex logo

The Jersey was nicely constructed, the top features a V neck which I found quite comfortable, arm length was spot on and the dropped tail at the back will help keep the worst of the wheel roost / mud from whipping up your back. In addition there’s also a slightly rubberised logo subtly down near the bottom of the back panel which the blurb says is in case you want to tuck and not have the top slip out, not sure how many of you will tuck in but handy if you fancy it.  In line with most MX inspired gear the fit was a little loose and allows plenty of space for armour without looking painted on.

Front veiw with the Ricky Dietrich logo

There is no denying the Pants are MX inspired, the fit was slightly baggy on both the thigh and the lower leg but once I got some knee guards under there they became much more racer friendly.  The big Monster logos look spot on and under them sit the optional hip pads, I usually chuck these away but in these pants they actually fit quite well and don’t get in the way.

Nice big rubberised hip logo

I’ve certainly noticed a swing in the last wee while back towards longer MX style Pants as riders realise that when you’re pushing for that 10th of a second and your move doesn’t pay off the extra protection afforded can be the difference between getting back on the horse and making run 2 or sticking to the sheets for a few night.

Stretch panels to the side and rear

Size wise the leg length was spot on and there are enough stretch panels in the usual spots to allow full leg articulation. For me the  best bit was the amount of adjustability in the sides, allowing them to be nicely fine tuned, the 34’s were a perfect fit on me which is odd as my DH shorts are a 34 and a tad tight these days….
On the trail both Jersey and Pants were comfortable and did what they needed to without causing any issues, just what you look for in race kit.
Price wise, the Pants retail at £124.99 and the Jersey will set you back an additional £44.99
Place your bets for how many of these you see at the races next year…..

Craig Henry

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