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NPS 4X Round 3 – Redhill Extreme, Gloucestershire

Round 3 of the NPS 4X headed over to the rolling Gloucestershire countryside where, overlooking the Severn Estuary, a richly coloured dirt track winds its way down the grassy hillside at Redhill Extreme.

With predictions of the mercury hitting 30° , the racing was guaranteed to be hot no matter what happened on track and having not had any rain recently, the track was a little loose in places due to the dust. Bearing a very close resemblance to last years national champs track, a lot of the passing was left to the last flat turn just before the finish line. But unlike the champs, we were spared the deluge over finals that had helped spice things up a little. The most significant addition to the track was the “rock garden” through the first turn, which livened things up a touch.

Motos got under way just before 1pm and ran through with a few hold ups as racers were scraped off the track from time to time. A get well soon must go out to Ash Brown who, after getting his bike nicked just before the weekend, went on to break his elbow and wrist during the motos when the rider in front went down and he had nowhere to go. Hopefully that’ll be his bad luck over and done with for a while. A few more delays during the day resulted in finals finishing at around 6.30 which was a little late, but as the weather was so good I don’t think you’d find too many people complaining. What better way to spend the afternoon than lying in the sun, watching the racing and listening to Mr Roberts Queen CD on repeat?

Will Longden is racking up the wins this year and must be a real contender for the Elite series title with Scott Beaumont out with an ankle injury. Scott Roberts followed in behind Longden, with Pat Campbell Jenner in third.

Suzanne Lacey rode strongly all day to finish out in front in the womens, with Sue Mahony and Cara Murray finishing second and third respectively.

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