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Was BMX and MTB invented in Holland?

Seems quite a few folk, have been flapping, all over the world about the true origins of anything “off road” on a bicycle which can point to the origins of the sports of BMX and MTB. Our good friend and old drinking buddy Bart De Jong over at FatBmx has the proof! I think he has maybe hit the nail on the head with this little Dutch Classic.

Decide what you want…but most of the wheels look bigger than 20 inches ;>

8 comments on “Was BMX and MTB invented in Holland?

  1. Wow, that is awesome! For those who don’t speak Dutch, this movie is a documentary of 750 years Amersfoort. In the 50’s there were motocross races. Because the youngsters could not race on the MX, they started competitions with their bikes. In those days it became so popular they had multiple tracks in town and sometimes competitions a few nights in a row with huge crowds. Must say, manuals and railing berms started earlier than I knew, awesome footage!

  2. Fantastic stuff!! The Italian infantry used bikes off road in the first world war and a group of guys known as the buffalo soldiers from montana did an off road ride/race in the 1890’s.
    Annie Londonderry rode a bike around the world in 1897 – 99 which would have been off road so could be credited as being the first endurance mountain biker. All will be revealed in chapter 1 of my book due for release later next year…

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