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Lets get a move on…

It weird to think that some folk haven’t seen this document which details the plan of the Innerleithen Chairlift Project. However the fact is that this study was done almost 3 years ago and set a time-scale for the whole project to start in 2009 and to be operational in 2010.

Innerleithen 365 days of riding, it could be bigger than Whistler!!

Innerleithen 365 days of riding, it could be bigger than Whistler!!

So what happened, was it sidetracked to enable the development of the new FC offices at Glentress?

I honestly don’t know…but I do know one thing, the locals are all asking questions, like why hasn’t it been built, as they loose out on yet another year of increased income from the visitors the new bike park would generate, in fact we the riders are wondering as well.

Take some time to look at the document and then discuss here, we’ve opened the petition yet again.

A base station worth building...just hurry up!!

A base station worth building...just hurry up!!

3 comments on “Lets get a move on…

  1. I found myself asking the same question only last weekend. The hunger appears still to be there from both our and local perspectives. Although I detect that momentum is weakening. The answer…..politics? Although I have lost track of exactly where the stall point is. Petition further? I guess there ‘s no harm.

  2. I imagine the weakened economy over the last eighteen months has meant that this project has been sidelined for the moment along with many other FC projects. They’re not making the money they were (annual financial reports publicly available if you fancy a gander), and are indeed selling off a lot of their ‘unprofitable’ forests.

    Things are starting to pick up, so we can only hope the the FC start this project up again in 2010.

  3. I watch this subject with comtinued bemusement….

    This is a feasibility study commissioned by a consortia of public bodies – spending public cash on FS is the easy bit, they commission studies week in / out and the vast majority of them come to sweet FA. Realising your dreams is something completely different.

    The papers are full of news this week about what can go wrong when public bodies manage ambitious / large construction projects ( Audit Scotland/ Cairngorm Mountain anyone?) and as Douglas points out the ecenomy is currently in deep doo doo.

    I would suggest there was already very little stomach for this with most of the partners concerned and I have absolutely no doubt the Forestry Commission in particular are not in the least bit interested in leading on it. Facilitating it – yes but again, that’s a completely different ball game.

    I really think the DH community needs to start taking a lead on this and show some initiative instead of banging on about why its not happening.

    Sorry, but I feel that someone had to say it…

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