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Euro Clive T5 update

Races won races lost rules changed (multiple times) and excitable Italians I’ve seen it all. I’ve even seen Benny Hill running off into a blizzard chasing a bunch of guys on there bikes at 3200m, it’s a wonderful world out there folks….

So my latest Euro nonsense has taken me to the dizzy height of Cervinia for round 2  of Maxi Avalanche Cup. I’ve also been swanning around with the Bike Village crew in Landry near Les Arcs filming and photographing for the next DVD. We rode some amazing trails with back drops to die for or in on if you get it wrong. With names like sketchy dismount it was blissful and typical to get a huge black cloud roll in and dump on us while about two thirds the way down this epic descent. Everyone got a little spooked and extra care was taken on large shiny rocks. There is simply no point in trying to put in writing just how awesome it is riding in the Alps, mile after mile of a wide variety of trail are just out there waiting to be found and abused.

At sunset.......romantic

At sunset.......romantic

The lads on Mavic have been keeping up there form with junior rider Mike Thickens taking the win at both events. His running ability paid dividends at Cervinia as he left the snow some 2km after the start in 3rd place overall. Some fatigue from the previous days hiker bike mission to the qualifier start hit home but Mike still managed an amazing 11th place overall in race 1. Race 2 had to be cancelled as should have race 1, the organizers and remaining support crews were stranded at the summit while lightning bolts and thunder rolled by. High winds added to the excitement and riders reported a huge hail storm passed them while descending the mountain, Charlie had the bruises to prove it!!
Epic racing by the sounds of it. The Morgan brothers also had navigation issues and like myself missed there qualification start, the guys from ChainSmokers were present and also had similar issues with communication and navigation. Our paper slips from sign on differed slightly from Mega and had no information what time to get on the lift or more importantly where the start area for qualifications was. There was only basic information in French and Italian, now call me pedantic or whatever for that matter I just think its a bit slack to not print essential information and when one tenth of the entry are British well you know where this is going,

Ever hit Cervinia czech out the Crepe Place..

Back to business and back to Bike Village. I had a week window with Mark H to bag some inspiring fast footage, Sam from the Village joined in as the theme of finding new trails riding with old friends continued. Days rolled by and the never ending sunshine and dusty conditions accompanied us in our mission to find sweet trails. We were so lucky with the weather suffering few passing showers, then race weekend came round and mother nature would remind us just how she rules the roost around these parts.

Val Thoren

More Maxi action for the guys and some quality riding from young Mike to follow up on the previous weeks result with another 1st. He now leads the series as we head to Sweden with just 2 rounds to go. Charlie suffered at the hands of the rule book and 1980’s grid layout. George must have measured the width of the grid using bars from his 80’s xc set up, 25 per row but only room for 15!! Seriously frustrating, George please consider 00’s bars are at like 750mm no 350. Starting from row 1.2 representing the UK was Alex Langley making yet another appearance at an “Enduro” mountain bike comp. Things are really heading in this direction with quality time on the bike for seemingly good value who could blame him for mixing it up.

Fighting Franck was on form although the usual super start marathon dh guys were missing  from the line up, rumor has it they were at another Enduro event somewhere out there in the land of baguette. So it was up to Karim Amour to harass Mr Parolin for top honors. Here is how it panned out.

Race 1

Clive dropping in

Clive dropping in

1st Franck Parolin –
2nd Karim Amour – Top Cycles/Trek
3rd Lago Garay – Trek Bontrager Espania.

Race 2

1st Karim Amour – Top Cycles/Trek
2nd Yohann Vachette – Scott
3rd Arno Faucher – Ayton/Giant


1st Karim Amour – Top Cycles/Trek
2nd Franck Parolin –
3rd Yohann Vachette – Scott

1st Mike Thickens – Mavic/
2nd Lago Garay – Trek Bontrager Espania
3rd Alexis Roche – Arc MTB

1st Estelle Vuillemin –
2nd Stephanye Ethoin
3rd Barbara Bolognesi – Mystic Free Ride

Category results and all that jazz on line through the wonders of internet at

3 comments on “Euro Clive T5 update

  1. I am NOT quite with you on this Clive………………. The Race was awesome.
    The times for the lift departures were printed out clearly on our sheets.
    and I dont recall the Chainsmokers having ANY Communication or Navigational problems..
    Getting to the Qualifying Run start area was no big deal…… there were loads of riders to follow, common sense really.
    No excuse for missing your group.
    Cervinia is a great run and deffinately worth RIDING.
    Another English Rider ………….

  2. Well not sure if it was well signed or not, but the people we followed all went the wrong way.
    After a good run down in qualifing and finishing 26th in my heat (4th row) i was told i was in the promo final
    (B final) Why because i’m over 50. Now that really sucks!

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