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Stompin’ Stu – The Story of BMX Legend Stu Thomsen

Stompin_stu2We all know that the roots of downhill are steeped in BMX nostalgia and well their’s nothing more nostalgic than watching Stu Thomsen ride a Redline on any race track from back in the ’80’s.

In fact Stu Thomsen had probably won more bicycle races, before he was 20, than the the likes of Lance Armstrong will win in a lifetime (They raced about 45 weekends a year back then)

So this is a movie produced by the guys who brought us Joe Kid on a Stingray a few years back. It looks at the boy, the man and the Sheriff!! With enough old school footage to even put a tear in the eye of you old man.

We loved the old 8mm fottage and the extensive photo archives from the likes of Bob Osborn at BMX Action. The extras give you an insight into what went into the making of a pair of flight cranks, we’re talking 401’s here, the jumping of 3 911’s with a ghetto ramp and the first ever pair of Oakley goggles.


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